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Journey of our Spirit



Journey of our Spirit

  • This book is an exploration into spirituality and delves into spiritual development and broadening one’s understanding of life. Helen’s passion for helping people to discover more about their real identity and their reason for being here is what drove her to write this book. Through channelled messages, personal experiences and stories she takes the reader on a journey to answer the question: How we know that our spirit exists? And, if our spirit does exist, what is its purpose? Exploring this, Helen looks at how one’s spirit can help them to understand: living a life with fullness; love and greater awareness; improving one’s wellbeing and health; attracting what one wants in life; looking for the best in each day.

    Written in a friendly, informal, self-help style, Journey of our Spirit encourages people to think about the way they live. Filled with practical tips and tools it will inspire people to make positive life changes to be their best selves.

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