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Audio Shop with free downloads

Helen has created a suite of downloadable audio recordings to help improve people’s lives. They’re a great way to help keep the mind focused especially when doing visualisations, or learning self-care and self-compassion strategies to improve wellbeing. There are both free audio recordings and those available for purchase listed below. 

Creative Visualisation: Finding Peace Within

Helen talks about the creative visualisation audio she's produced,

which focuses on reducing stress and improving immune health and general wellbeing.


It's a great visualisation that will help you during this challenging time!


Power Your Healing Audio

Power Your Healing is a guided creative visualisation. Through calming words and soothing music, Helen takes the listener to a garden of healing, a place of peace and nourishment. The imagery helps the listener to rest, relax or sleep. This audio is ideal for those with an active mind or for those who worry or are suffering from chronic pain as this can help take one’s mind off their worries and pain for a while. It’s also excellent for those undergoing medical treatments or procedures, such as MRIs or CT scans, as this creative visualisation can help reduce anxiety during treatment.

$15 for Mp3 Audio Download.

Free Audio Downloads

These self-care audio recordings can help reduce stress and generally improve mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

The transcripts of the following relaxations, visualisations and meditations appear in Helen’s book, Compassion – The Heart of Nursing.

Please download by hovering over each track. 

Which One is Best for You?


Mini Meditation

Whether one is short on time, struggling to meditate, or just beginning to learn to meditate, this quick, guided meditation will help with relaxation and to experience feelings of peace.

Compassion Meditation
This meditation is designed to open one’s heart to the healing effects of compassion. It’s a highly beneficial exercise that aids emotional wellbeing.

General Relaxation
A guided relaxation which promotes feelings of calm and peace. A great one to listen to any time whether it’s to de-stress, reduce anxiety or to just simply relax.

Mindful Breathing

A quick practice that will enable calmness during stressful situations. It’s also very useful to help develop the quality of patience.

Relaxation to Calm the Mind
This guided relaxation begins by focusing on the breath and draws attention to the words peaceand love. The words, used in combination with the ebb and flow of the breath, help to calm and relax the mind.

Self-Compassion Meditation
A guided meditation that fosters loving kindness, tenderness and forgiveness towards oneself. It’s a meditation that helps heal emotional pain and one that will help in developing a compassionate nature.

Visualisation for Self-Compassion
This self-compassion visualisation aids emotional and mental healing. It’s an excellent practice that softens self-criticism and develops a kinder and more compassionate language towards oneself.

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