What You'll Learn In This Module

The bigger picture; what is really happening within your body every moment of the day? 

As healthcare workers, we know a lot about the body, but what we don’t always consider what is happening to our physical body when we are constantly stressed and unhappy with our lives at work and at home. When we are feeling fatigued, disillusioned and exhausted, it can be both confusing and overwhelming as to what to do, where to turn and where to begin in order to make changes to our life for the better.

And it can feel just too hard to do so! 

This module forms the foundation for what lies ahead.  It provides you with a succinct plan of how to go about making changes to your life in the right way. You will be provided with step by step guidance on how to take better care of your physical body, the reasons why you need to, and the reasons why the 3 areas discussed in the lessons, have been singled out as a road map to feeling energised.  

When it comes to making changes that fit in with your work and lifestyle, there is no ‘one size that fits all’. Therefore, you will be provided with a planner that will make it possible for you to design a personal plan which is right—just for you!

Module One

Rediscovering Your Momentum

The Bigger Picture

Lesson One
video play time: 12:03mins 

Eye Opener To Your World

Lesson Two

video play time: 12:03mins

It's Time To Get Physical!

Lesson Three

video play time: 12:03mins

Fuel It Up Right!

Lesson Four

video play time: 12:03mins

It Pays To Dream!

Lesson Five

video play time: 12:03mins

Sweet Dreams!

Lesson Six
 video play time: 12:03mins 

Module One Checklist

Compassion Action


To identify the physical signs and symptoms which indicate that your body is fatigued and show compassion to your body by implementing a minimum of four strategies suggested in this module that will improve your energy, vitality and general physical health. 

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