"To care and feel for another and then to reach out and help the other – is compassion in action.”

This heart-warming book delves into the core of what true nursing should be. Guiding the reader through many real-life scenarios as well as offering practical exercises, this book shows the reader how to be a truly compassionate healthcare worker and human being.

Compassion - The Heart of Nursing

By Helen Martino-Bailey

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Helen Martino-Bailey is a nurse, as well as a published author, speaker, workshop presenter, health and wellbeing coach and complementary therapist. She's passionate about helping people to understand how compassion is essential in every part of our lives. Having worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, Helen has seen how compassion towards patients hasn't always taken priority and she's making it her mission to bring compassion back to nursing and healthcare.


Helen's latest book Compassion – The Heart of Nursing, is a practical guide to reacquaint health professionals with the fundamental quality of compassion. She runs training workshops for health professionals, carers in aged care and for anyone interested in learning about the positive benefits that compassion brings to our personal and professional lives.


While Helen's passion is teaching compassion, her broad scope of work goes far beyond this. Through her own holistic health and wellbeing consultancy, Lightwords, Helen educates and empowers individuals to better manage their life and maintain a positive and healthy state of wellbeing. By drawing on her nursing knowledge, her holistic understanding and her skills as a complementary therapist, she ably assists people on the path to wellness.


Helen is based in Perth, Western Australia and offers training workshops and private consultations through her business Lightwords.